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CREOH's design and engineering teams in the USA, Israel and China are on the cutting edge of retail display and packaging trends and turnkey consumer environment solutions.  We go to great lengths to understand our customers and meet each of their particular needs. 

Our wide breadth of capabilities, services and products provide you with a strategic partner that you can rely on from concept to completion.  Our specialty is creative design and perfect manufacturing.

Working with our in-house expert graphic artists and engineers, we will transform your ideas into beautiful 3d renderings and expand upon them into creative, different and original designs.  Our engineers utilize state-of-the-art engineering software to translate your concepts into working samples, enabling you to make smart and effective retail decisions.

Our international and domestic teams work “hands-on” with our customers to provide a seamless transition from concept to renderings to drawings to manufacturing to product delivery.

At CREOH, we not only engineer the product, we engineer and thoroughly test the packaging. We make sure that every display arrives at your stores in pristine condition.


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We manufacture our products in China using imported materials with foreign and local supervision over every step in production.

  • Manufacturing in China gives us a talented professional labor pool at very competitive prices.
  • On time delivery is our promise and goal. This is critical to building our business and gaining the trust of our many customers over the years. It is a measure of the reliability of our organization and factories and is an essential part of providing excellent customer service.
  • Disciplined use of authorized formal systems as well as comparisons to the pre-production samples and drawings ensure quality made products.
  • Our highly experienced sales representatives work closely with our engineering group to guarantee that our products are engineered to the highest standards.
  • Safety is the cornerstone of our factories both for the employees and for the finished products. We want our employees and customers to be safe, healthy and happy. We maintain training programs for our employees and constantly study what we can do better.
  • Visual Management is prominent throughout the plants with key metrics at each work center. Every employee clearly knows what they must do daily.
  • Dedication. For more than 15 years, our employees have crafted custom displays in all materials as well as produced creative, specialized packaging. Our employees are proud of their work and the pride of their skills is seen in the superior finished products we make.
  • Good housekeeping and organization are expected at all times from all our production lines: "A place for everything and everything in its place".
  • Preventive/Predictive Maintenance systems are routinely used to plan/schedule equipment and facility maintenance.
  • Operators are responsible for product quality and will never pass defective material to the next operation. Our objective is to have zero escapes of poor quality product to the next operation or to the customer.
  • Continuous Product Improvement will result in relentless productivity improvement. This helps us achieve good production flow and reduces cost and inefficiency.
  • Imagination and Innovation. Our worldwide design teams work with customers and retailers and translate those ideas into a manufactured product that is fresh, new and exciting.
  • Comprehensive Communications and Training Plans are in place and executed in every plant on a continuous basis.
  • All Employees work to create and sustain a manufacturing environment where the operators are in control of the process.
  • Manufacturing with the spirit of teamwork is a top priority so that the entire group works with the goals of customer satisfaction and this spirit is what gives us constant repeat orders.

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CREOH's leadership in China-based manufacturing is a key differentiator in the display and retail store packaging industry. Our strategic presence in China helps our efforts to rapidly transition prototype products from R&D to high-volume production.

CREOH's quick time to market distinguishes CREOH from the competition and enables us to win and support key customers. We consistently strive to leverage this capability as we bring additional next generation display products to market.

CREOH's hands on experience in China is driven by the market success of CREOH's innovative displays and packaging solutions, and by our continued growth as a one-stop shop with a broad portfolio of current and next-generation products.

By having an established and well managed presence in China, we know all factories capable of supplying us with the components and raw materials we need, and are able to tailor make them to fit our customers' needs. Given this expertise, we are able to save a US based retailer and importer significant sums of money and thereby help to expand their businesses rapidly. Also, since we are a privately held company, every assembly and cost savings decision can be quickly and more efficiently made than at publicly traded firms. We pass these savings onto our customers.

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Mission Statement

To produce the highest quality products at a great market value through rigorous engineering, production and quality assurance programs.

Our mission is to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers and associates:

  • To provide our customers with products and services that conform to requirements.
  • To provide our customers with on time delivery.
  • To provide our customers with the best value for their products.
  • To provide open communications with our customers.
  • To continually improve our products and services.
  • To employ work ethics where employees are proud of their accomplishments.
  • To comply with all local and international shipping standards.

CREOH is dedicated to producing quality products and providing dependable service.

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We use a variety of domestic and imported materials in our displays and boxes to enhance the beauty of the displayed product with special consideration and care given to the types of materials used to match the individual products being displayed.

  • Acrylics - CREOH uses imported and domestic acrylic material with special emphasis given to strength, clarity and longevity of the display. We specialize in fabrication of colored acrylics with 3-dimensional raised lettering and graphics. Our versatile acrylic capabilities range for paper-thin to super thick and come in all sizes, shapes and colors.
  • Adhesives - We use only the finest European adhesives to insure that our displays will last and endure all environmental changes. CREOH’S adhesives are designed to make completely clear, bubble-free joints, while maintaining maximum bonding strength.
  • Steels - CREOH uses stainless steels and fabricates our products to very tight standards to meet all customer demands. Our designers can accommodate the most creative metal designs, incorporating the tightest tolerances and finishes. We manufacture steel products in all sizes and shapes, including elements of showcases for specialized racks and displays. Our metal factories have high volume experience in the production of the most minor to the most major steel components, including racks, displays, shelving, unique bolts, tubes, pipes and fittings with precision welding and plating.
  • Wires - Our wire displays are manufactured by machine and hand crafted using the finest materials and carefully inspected before shipment. CREOH’s wire products are utilized by a range of international customers from lightweight/food retailers to heavy/industrial users.
  • Paper - We use imported papers and we make our own cardboard in various strengths and thicknesses to accommodate all customer demands.
  • PDQs - CREOH’s international design teams in the USA, Israel and China have more than a decade of experience in producing high quality PDQs for many major brands and retailers – and will accommodate all budgets. Our China-based Fulfillments Centers will load our customers’ products into the completed PDQs and palletize them for easy store shipping and distribution.
  • Plastics - We can design and manufacture any display or box in virtually any plastic material. Our plastics emanate from both Asia and Europe and can be custom made to virtually any shape or texture that is required.
  • LCD and monitor displays - Many of our displays use LCD screens and DVD Players to give the customer an interactive and educational display experience. CREOH provides all sizes and can accommodate any customer specifications.
  • Cloth, PU and leathers - We use natural and all synthetic cloth and other materials to balance beauty and economy in our displays.
  • Specialized materials - We have used new materials such as carbon fiber with great success and customer satisfaction.
  • Material testing - CREOH’s rigorous material testing ensures that all our materials will remain stable during shipping and during use by customers. We also make sure that there is no detrimental interaction between the materials we use and the products being displayed or packaged.
  • Anti-Tarnish - We have several anti-tarnish and anti-aging materials available to us for use when required. We also provide our customers with full UV protection to enhance the longevity and coloration of our products.
  • Printing - We have state-of-the-art, modern printing machines available to fill any customer requirements for specific printing on paper or plastic or metal. We also have all metal and other hot stamping materials available. CREOH’s printing team produces very high quality 4-color corrugated displays.
  • Colors and pigments - We use imported inks, colors and pigments, and work hard with our customers to make sure their desired colors are matched precisely in every aspect of a production run.
  • 3D and lamination materials are regularly used in our products for maximum visual impact to customers.
  • Patented Hardware - We have patents on specialized display elements, e.g., security and locking devices, so that our customers have unique opportunities with CREOH that are not available to others.
  • Toolings - Our selection of toolings for boxes and other display parts uniquely provide our customers with a vast selection of possibilities, with quick and expeditious turnaround time.
  • Eco Friendly materials - We have a wide variety of eco friendly and recyclable materials available for our displays and boxes. It is our company policy to use environmentally friendly materials and processes wherever possible as a first choice.
  • Shipping materials - we use many kinds of packaging methods and materials to insure that whatever we ship will arrive to the customer in excellent condition. Upon request, we palletize our completed displays including KD and fully loaded for fast and easy handling and distribution by our customers. Our QA team conducts drop testing on all products to ensure satisfactory delivery.