Our Process

creoh makes it simple

Our aim at Creoh is to make the process as easy and flawless as possible. Our teams in both the US and China work hand-in-hand to create your masterpiece with efficiency and speed.

. concept

Our designers sketch out the design and architecture of your display to the correct specifications.

. quotes

After putting together materials and production costs, we send you a quote so you can stay on budget.

. sample

You will receive a sample of your finished product to approve before we begin the production process.

. production

The manufacturing process begins in our factories, with our team keeping constant tabs on production.

. packout

Our packout service offers the packaging of your product straight into the display at any site, and then ship the display straight to the retailer.

. logistics

From documentation to shipping, we coordinate all of the logistics involved in getting your products from China into stores.


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